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Charleston to Bermuda 2011.

CharlestonBermudaRace.com have regular updates on the race and the predicted weather forecast.

“Spirit of Juno” is making good progress on Day 1:

“Stephen Colbert and his Team Audi crewmates on board the Spirit of Juno were making the best speeds in the fleet as of 0730 today (5.3 knots) just slightly north of the rhumbline. At roughly that time, Juno’s strategists called for an abrupt change of course, and headed almost due north. It’s apparent the leader of the Colbert Nation will find his comedic skills in high demand today as the crew deals with the very challenging situation of keeping a 60,000-pound boat moving in zephyrous conditions.”

  1. sweeneytoad
    May 24, 2011 at 2:17 PM

    Thanks for info!


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