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NPR: Stephen Colbert: In Good ‘Company’ On Broadway

The audio for Stephen’s interview on “Fresh Air with Terry Gross” will be available at 5:00PM (ET).

Exclusive Web Audio: Stephen: “When I’m brushing my hair in the morning, which is quite an event”.

In the mean time here is a wonderful summary:

“I imagined myself living in New York in some sort of open large-but-sparse studio apartment with a lot of blond wood and a futon on the floor and a bubbling samovar or tea in the background and a big beard — living alone but with my beard — and doing theater,” he says. “That’s what I thought my life would be. It has not been — and I love what I do — but to be asked to do this and then to accept the challenge of it … I can la-di-da my way through things … but to sing Sondheim is a completely different beast.”

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