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June 28, 2011 — Alexandra Pelosi

The Colbert Report Episode Guide
EPISODE NUMBER: 7084 (June 28, 2011)
GUESTS: Alexandra Pelosi
SEGMENTS: Michele Bachmann Compares Herself to John Wayne | The Word – Too Big to Nail | Advertising to Monkeys
SUIT REPORT: Pin stripped suit | Light blue shirt | Red diamond check tie
VIDEOS: Tuesday June 28, 2011

Character breaks, monkey vagina’s, red jell-o and an epic head desk. Post away Hubsters!!
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Better Know a Guest: June 27th – 30th

June 27, 2011 8 comments

Hey, Hubsters—

The music has stopped. StePhest ColbChella is over. The musicians have laid down their guitars, the singers are silent, and a satisfied audience sighs happily. Let’s hope that this turns out to be the first of many annual StePhests. As for me, I’m raising a glass to the wonderful Jack White for being one of the very best it-getters ever.

And I’m also raising another glass shortly–a caipirinha–to celebrate my birthday Brazilian-style. We will not discuss ages, and adding another year is no fun…except, as the old saying goes, the alternatives are worse.

Now, a very different week awaits us, focused on politics, religion, and the military.  So onward…. Read more…