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The Tubey Award – Nominations and Voting.

Television Without Pity’s annual “Tubey Awards” nominations have been announced:

Best Comedy Show
– The Daily Show

Favourite Actor
– Steve Carell (The Office)

Best Guest Star
– Amy Sedaris (Raising Hope)

Best Musical Moment on a Scripted or Reality Show
– Cee Lo Green sings “Fox News” (The Colbert Report)
– Stephen Colbert sings “Friday” (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Cast Your Votes [Here]


Visual Delight: Second City Tumbling.

June 29, 2011 1 comment

Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello, Amy Sedaris at Second City

(Thanks to Lauren for the pic)

Amy Sedaris on “The Late Show with David Letterman”

Amy was recently a guest on “The Late Show with David Letterman” to promote her new movie “The Best and The Brightest” co-staring Neil Patrick Harris.